WARRIOR’S NAME. Searching the database


Searching the database

Searching the database of the WARRIOR’S NAME project will be available when the information from our project’s PDF books is entered into the electronic database. Currently, these books contain information about 160,000 dead Jewish soldiers.
The process of data entry will take a long time, as it is accompanied by the verification of information from online archives. Wherever possible, national identification is clarified. Let us demonstrate this on the example of one surname.
In the chapter «Methodological Issues» there is an example of a search on the surname Jaffe. It shows why only one warrior out of two dead warriors with the surname Jaffe is included in our database.
There was no record of this surname in the PDF book, based on the Electronic Book of Remembrance.

In the Book of the new names (2023) we have included such an entry:

And now we suggest comparing how the warrior’s page looks like when the information is transferred to the Database of our project.

The database, unlike the Book of Remembrance, allows

1) To see the documents of the warrior.

2) Search by input fields. So, we can gather all soldiers born in this city, or soldiers who served in the same division.

3) Sometimes we can describe the feat of the warrior for which he was awarded. In the case of Jaffe, this is a description of the battle in which he was killed.

4) Search by tags. In this case, you can select warriors who were awarded postmortal for their heroism. This database will provide great opportunities for museum staff, for school teachers.

5) There is a button for feedback on the warrior’s page. The visitors can ask a question about the soldier’s biography or provide additional information. There is also a button to light a memorial candle.