WARRIOR’S NAME. The tasks.


Project tasks

The task of the WARRIOR’S NAME project is to preserve the memory of Jewish soldiers who participated in World War II. At present, the efforts of the project participants are focused on creating the most complete database of fallen soldiers — those who perished, died of wounds and illnesses, and went missing. The monument erected in Jerusalem on Mount Herzl has the title: «Memorial to the 200,000 fallen Jewish soldiers».

The principle of «No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten», which is sacred to the generation of descendants, is not always realized in practice. The nature of military operations during the Second World War, as well as the peculiarities of military personnel records, led to the fact that the fates of several million soldiers of the Red Army, among them many Jews, remain unknown. They are listed as missing soldiers, and sometimes even the names of them are not reflected in the available archival documents and memorial books.

Feeling a special personal responsibility for finding out the fates of Jewish soldiers, we, participants the project, proclaim the thesis: Each of the fallen and missing soldiers had the name. It is the task and responsibility of our generation to find out these names and the available information about the fates of the soldiers.